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Our passion for providing innovative technology, combined with our substantial experience in security, has resulted in us continually growing our company and delivering solutions to the connected health and IoT sectors

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High Level Security
At Lava we focus on relationships. Our innovations in security technology are borne out of a basic human need for more connection.

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Connected Health
Lava bring ideas and empathy into creating solutions in healthcare.

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We have uniquely human capabilities, at Lava we are developing valuable solutions to human issues because how we live together matters.

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Our Vision.

Our Vision

Now, more than ever we need our future thinkers and innovators to rise to the challenges of what our world and humanity is facing.

Our Vision is to be recognised as the global leader in safer custody technology. With passion and expertise we are working towards transforming the future of prisons and the lives of 100M people. This is a powerful and inspiring vision that every member of the Lava team is committed to and actively engaged with on a day-to-day basis.

We aim to revolutionise the prison landscape, transforming the role of the prison officer and the life of prisoners to unlock true potential and reshape lives.

Gareth Morrison, CEO
Gareth Morrison
Fulfilling the vision

Fulfilling the vision

At Lava we believe in ‘putting the people in technology’.

This is our company purpose, and it allows us to bring meaning to what we do.
Our people are putting their unique expertise, experience and passion into the development of our innovative technology and solutions for our customers.

When we talk about ‘putting the people in technology’ it’s also about bringing human empathy and real engagement into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ our technology is developed. We are positively recreating human expertise. 

Your part in our journey

Being part of the team at Lava means you are part of our bigger vision.

We empower our people to generate fresh ideas to help fulfil our vision. We continually align our company culture and values to our vision and goals, where you will be supported, encouraged and rewarded to succeed and grow.

Everyone has the opportunity to apply their unique and specialist disciplines to create solutions for the future. Being part of the team at Lava means you are part of our bigger vision, which will have a positive and lasting impact to the world we live in.

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Your part in our vision