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National Coding Week: Final Spotlight

22 September 2023

National Coding Week: Final Spotlight

As National Coding Week draws to a close, we’re thrilled to introduce our final spotlight feature.  Meet Diarmuid.

The coding star

Diarmuid’s fascination with coding didn’t emerge from a blockbuster movie or a trendy game, but rather blossomed within the walls of his school. There, amidst the routine of academic life, Diarmuid discovered an uncanny aptitude for IT. Recognising this natural potential he was offered a place to study a BSc in Computer Science at Ulster University, graduating with a distinguished first-class honours.

Staying ahead of the game

Keen to continuously refine his skill set, Diarmuid immerses himself in emerging techniques and technologies. He dedicates half a day per week through Lava’s Personal Development Programme.  This allows him to venture outside his typical work setting to undertake courses and allocate time to explore unfamiliar areas.  Additionally it gives him the space for his own physical and mental wellbeing. Recently, his focus has turned to the C programming language, a shift from his usual coding practice.

Project showcase

Diarmuid takes particular pride in an advanced access control project that he’s just completed. The application, running on a Raspberry Pi, employs a touchscreen interface to synchronise with and manage other hardware components.  This project challenged Diarmuid. It offered him a comprehensive experience, right from the user interface to back-end databases. “Its truly rewarding, working on technology solutions that resonates with our clients visions, shaping the future for innovative facilities going forward.”

Advice for aspiring coders

For the next generation Diarmuid emphasises the importance of adaptability in the face of disruptive technology changes. Particularly with trends in Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality on the rise. As these technologies shape our future, Diarmuid recalls the words of a university lecturer, emphasising flexibility and adaptability. “When technology keeps changing be ready to adjust.  And always remember no question is a silly one”.  As Diarmuid puts it “Lean on colleagues and industry connections as a resource, their insights can guide you”.

Beyond the computer

While code might be Diarmuid’s profession, Gaelic football and regular gym sessions keep him motivated. Recognising the sedentary nature of his job, he believes its essential to strike a balance by prioritising both mental and physical wellness through regular exercise.

As the week comes to an end, let us take a moment to appreciate the brilliance and dedication of  coders who make our tech community vibrant and dynamic!

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