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18 September 2023

National Coding Week: Employee Spotlight

It’s National Coding Week, and we’re taking this opportunity to shine a light on some of our exceptional software engineers. Kicking off the week, we introduce you to Ciaran.

Journey into the word of coding

From a young age, Ciaran displayed a keen interest towards computers. Nurtured by his parents with early exposure to “touch typing” and experiments with “drag and drop” on Scratch, his interest was further cemented by a few family members already working in the IT sector. His academic journey took him from North West Regional College, leading to a BSc in Computer Science from Ulster University. His placement at Seagate Technologies further deepened his passion for technology.

Staying current in a rapidly evolving field

Ciaran is passionately committed to continuous learning. Through Lava’s Personal Development Programme, Evolve, he has the framework to develop new skills and explore innovative methods. Keenly following developments in Artificial Intelligence, the programme offers him the opportunity to immerse himself in online classes, engage in various social media platforms and expansive tech communities. Ciaran believes, “Its good to learn from what others are doing and to hear from their experiences.”

Pioneering projects

Being a part of a company, dedicated to creating technology to help transform lives, Ciaran is at the forefront of initiatives that blend software and hardware challenges. He is deeply involved in an AI project, aimed at enhancing individual monitoring within prison cells that will help to mitigate the risks of self-harm and potential suicides. “I really enjoy it as it allows me to learn through experimentation and to try new approaches to solving problems.  Its incredible to see the potential IT holds in enhancing people’s lives.”

Helpful guidance for the next generation of coders

Guided by advice from a tutor, Ciaran emphasises the power of curiosity, “Adopt a curious mindset; it will be the catalyst that propels you forward in any professional capacity.” Beyond coding, it’s about continuous learning, articulating ideas and foreseeing challenges. For aspiring coders, the message is clear, “Stay curious , never stop learning and enjoy every step of figuring things out”.

Outside of Lava

Outside of work, Ciaran is an avid football enthusiast and maintains a rigorous gym regime. He believes that these activities not only provide a necessary physical balance to his work but also teach him about essential values of teamwork, discipline, and communication. Ciaran also enjoys cooking, though his housemates might argue he’s more ‘trial and error’ than MasterChef!

We commend Ciaran for his dedication and thank him for sharing his enlightening journey with us during National Coding Week.

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