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Celebrating wellness and work life balance at Lava

20 October 2023

Celebrating wellness and work life balance at Lava

At Lava, our commitment to our team goes beyond the workplace. Our personal development programme, ‘Evolve’ is more than just a vehicle for professional growth; it’s also about nurturing our teams personal wellbeing.

Structured to ensure that each team member dedicates half a day per week, the Evolve programme encourages both a focus on personal development and enhancing physical and mental wellbeing. Within this structured plan, the entire Lava team is not only encouraged but also facilitated to embark on a journey of self-improvement.

Developing our employees’ careers is an investment in both our people and the future of the Lava Group. While success, knowledge and personal growth are vital, health and wellness serve as the foundational pillars upon which all other aspects of personal development rest.

Annette Murray, Lava Group’s Office Manager

The Evolve programme is a vital part of our holistic approach to employee development and wellbeing. Prioritising health and wellness is at the core of our culture. We firmly believe that happy, healthy team members are the bedrock of our success.

As a company, we’ve set forward-focused goals within a short and long-term framework, all driven by a commitment to develop positive change and take proactive responsibility. Our people are empowered to develop their careers based on their interests, strengths and ongoing learning in an environment that supports, encourages and rewards their growth.

Our colleagues have embraced a variety of activities through Evolve, from hitting the indoor gym, enjoying time out on the golf course, to treasured moments like walking our children to school and spending time with the family pet. We’ve explored mindfulness meditation and even tapped into our creative side through painting.

With the Evolve program, we’re nurturing well-rounded individuals who find balance, fulfilment and personal growth both in and outside of Lava. Read more about work life at Lava

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