The smart way to monitor, track & control

About this product

Sentry Marine Monitoring is an intelligent sensor based solution easily tailored to meet the remote monitoring and control of a range of devices within ports, harbours and marinas.  Equipped to monitor analogue and digital equipment regardless of brand, it provides critical data to increase the safety and efficiency of marine environments.

Key Benefits

  • Provides peace of mind that all systems are in good working order.
  • Increase efficiency with less time required to manually check each device.
  • Allows staff to react quickly when a device has fallen into alert status.
  • Pinpoint trends and predict when device maintenance is required.
  • Conveniently manage monitoring locations 24/7.
  • Offers low cost monitoring with long -life battery power.

The solution transmits warnings and data when device parameters have exceeded such as tracking a drifting buoy or alerting to a potential power disruption.  A web-based interface is configured to generate alarms on input conditions, control outputs and monitor geo-fence locations.