An interactive incident tracking and task management tool

About this product

Operational Response Plan Client


Lava’s Operational Response Plan (ORP) Client is designed to help staff efficiently and effectively perform the correct tasks/duties when an incident occurs or a system event is detected.

The ORP Client provides a user with a set of instructions to be carried out, which must be followed through to completion. The system automatically records the response to each instruction or task as progress is made through the ORP, therefore improving accountability amongst staff and increasing the efficiency of post-event incident reporting. 

Operational Response Plan Editor


The ORP Editor allows users to develop their own Operational Response Plans.

Designed with ease-of-use in mind, new plans are constructed in a flow-diagram manner – using drag-and-drop tools to quickly create the checks and tasks that an operator must perform in the event of an incident.

The ORP editor allows you to remain flexible, and ensures that you have the correct Operational Response Plans in place to help your staff perform to the best of their abilities in the event of an incident.