Centralised Control of Electronic Security Equipment

About this product

Lava’s OneTouch Integrated Security Management software increases the efficiency of your facilities security management systems, by providing a single interface to manage all electronic security and access control devices.

Moreover, as OneTouch only requires a single user interface, less security hardware is required in the control room.

By integrating all of your security systems into a single interface, OneTouch can incorporate existing systems that were previously stand-alone.

The electronic audit trails generated by OneTouch also improves accountability, and staff benefit from the improved speed and efficiency of incident reporting.

One Touch can interface with a range of security devices, including:


  • Electronic lock controllers

  • Biometrics

  • Intercoms

  • Intruder alarms

  • Personal attack alarms

  • Proximity tag readers

  • Perimeter fencing

  • CCTV


Designed for use in secure facilities, One Touch is a real time system that allows remote users to see what’s happening - as it happens.