Provides real-time monitoring of the presence of lifebuoys and water rescue devices within their housing.

About this product

Sentry is an award winning product that electronically monitors the presence of a lifebuoy and water rescue devices within their housing. An alarm is triggered when a lifebuoy or associated equipment including a throw rope and throw bag are removed from their intended location. Thus helping reduce loss of life due to a stolen/absent water rescue aid.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps reduce loss of life caused by missing/stolen Life-saving equipment
  • Real time monitoring of water rescue aids with instant alarms and notifications 
  • Increase efficiency of staff by enabling remote monitoring through web interface
  • Long life battery powered
  • Flexible design works with any size of lifebuoy, throw rope or throw bag

Sentry reports a configurable daily status on whether water rescue aids are present or absent from their housing. Additionally, alarms are sent immediately in the event that the equipment is removed or when the unit is tampered with. A web interface is available to the end user to analyse the status of each unit and can be viewed on a PC, laptop or mobile device.