Smart Hatch

Observe and protect

About this product

Smart Hatch is an on demand smart glass solution specially developed to enhance the safety and privacy of those living and working in a custodial environment. It is the first and only auditable obscured controlled panel that can be retrofitted to prison observation hatches or installed as part of a new build.

Key Benefits

  • Authorised control - Prevents unauthorised viewing by staff or prisoners.
  • Silent operation - Electronic operation means prisoners are not disturbed by manual hatch noise. 
  • Audit trail of records - Provides independent and verifiable proof of all interactions with the Smart Hatch including who, where and when.
  • Increased protection from litigation - Protects against false accusations contributing to reduced incidents of custody complaints.
  • Greater accountability and integrity - Real time system records cannot be altered or tampered with retrospectively.
  • Cost effective - Reduces repair costs of vandalised flaps.