Integrated device, controlling and monitoring lock, hatch and cell facilities in a custodial environment

About this product

The Cell Controller is an integrated device, designed to control and monitor the lock, hatch and cell facilities in a custodial environment.  Designed with flexibility in mind, it is configurable to interface with a number of additional cell peripherals such as:


  • Door/hatch position sensors

  • Hatch locks

  • Cell facilities such as water and electricity


By giving the officer increased control over the cells on a wing, the Cell Controller improves security of the facility. It increases officer safety by allowing a single officer to control the custodial wing remotely in the event of an incident. 

The system has a full audit trail, recording all actions performed by users and all events that happen at the cell peripherals.

With built-in redundancy, the Cell Controller can operate in stand-alone mode in the event of a communication failure to the server.

As it uses the low cost single cable Cat5e deployment method,  this provides both power and data to the Cell Controller, reducing installation costs.

The Cell Controller can be fitted to a wide range of custodial doors/hatches/devices and can integrate with 3rd party systems.