Track and Control

About this product

Created specifically for the unique demands of the prison services, Tephra’s Movements solution provides high level security and safety whilst supporting a less institutional living environment.

Tephra Movements is a multimode access device developed to accurately confirm the identity and control the movement of prisoners within the facilities. For increased security, two-factor authentication is used to verify identities applying a combination of biometric, RFID and / or PIN, to create a strong multifactor authentication system.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient deployment of staff - Less time is required managing movements.
  • Enhances prisoners self-esteem - Prisoners less dependent on staff escorts.
  • Encourages greater personal responsibility - Allow prisoners controlled freedom and opportunity to make choices for themselves.
  • Greater accountability - Simplifies reconciliation of prisoner movements.
  • Improves safety - Mitigates against erroneous exit from last known location.
  • Enhances security - Multiple identification checks reduce risk.
  • Improves staff & prisoner social interaction - Facilitates staff time for meaningful engagement and individual interaction with prisoners.