Behavioural Analysis

Monitoring and predicting agitation

About this product

Lava’s behavioural analysis solution utilises sensor-based technology for the identification, management and prediction of agitation in patients with dementia or autism.  Monitoring patient movements, whilst recording any changes in the local environment allows alerts to be raised for possible agitation, whilst also analysing the associated data to identify triggers of the agitation.  


  • Behavioural detection including agitation in autism suffers, Alzheimer's wandering, sedentary behaviour and fall detection.
  • Intuitive monitoring provides real time data to accurately and promptly assess the patient’s health status.
  • Monitoring repetitive behaviour including walking up and down, walking in circles, rocking backwards and forwards and any audible signs of agitation.
  • Behavioural triggers within the local environment including audio level, temperature and proximity to others.
  • Alarm generation alerts care providers to identify agitated patients that need immediate intervention or to warn carers as to potential aggressive behaviour.
  • Incident management provides greater situational awareness.
  • Machine learning tool extracts information from data sets to determine patterns and trends that can predict future agitation episodes.