Evolve – Lava launch Personal Development Programme


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Evolve – Lava launch Personal Development Programme 26 April 2022

Lava Group recently launched Evolve, the company’s Personal Development Programme, aimed at the development and improvement of all our people.  The programme is designed to ensure that everyone sets half a day per week to achieve both personal development goals and improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

The plan provides a framework within which the entire Lava team are encouraged and facilitated to develop new skills, learn new approaches, achieve personal goals, and to take time to look after their physical and mental health. 

“Developing our employees’ careers is an investment for both our people and the future of the Lava Group. We value our employees and encourage their professional growth and career progression within the company”. says Annette Murray, Lava Group, Office Manager.  “Our Evolve programme is a key part of our comprehensive approach to our employee development and well-being and we’re committed to providing our people with the resources and training necessary to help them become the best possible version of themselves.”

The company have set future focused goals within a short and long-term framework, all with the intent to attain positive change and continue our pursuit of proactive responsibility.  Our people are empowered to shape their careers based on their interests, strengths and learning in an environment where they are supported, encouraged and rewarded to succeed and grow.