Thermal cameras playing a role in workplace safety


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Thermal cameras playing a role in workplace safety 22 May 2020

The sudden emergence and explosive spread of Covid-19, is a reminder of the power of infectious diseases.  As society adapts to the new realities of social distancing and enhanced hygiene regimes, innovative technological approaches to containing the spread of the disease are becoming increasingly important.

Since the beginning of the pandemic various technologies have been employed in an attempt to contain the virus.  From mobile apps for contact tracing to sanitising UVD robots for cleaning rooms.  But as lockdown eases and companies begin to re-open their businesses, protecting employees and visitors is critical.  This is especially vital in buildings and areas where a high volume of people are passing through.

Tephra’s Temperature Screening offers a contactless solution for identifying elevated temperature of people within an indoor space.  The system comprises the latest thermal imaging camera and can be deployed as a standalone solution or integrated into a wider network of security systems, controlled by centralised point.   As staff and visitors flow freely past the cameras, the solution generates an alert if a high temperature is detected.

Organisations can then decide how best to deploy the information which can be investigated by staff with a secondary temperature check.  The solution offers an additional layer of protection to workplaces and provides key benefits.

  • Safe social distancing maintained - with remote temperature monitoring
  • Maximise efficiency – fast automated multi-person screening
  • Improve safety and reduce risk –  identifies those requiring further medical testing
  • Flexible operation – combine temperature screening and contactless access control

Complex and challenging environments have driven our innovation and we have a proven track record of providing individual, tailored responses that are right for our clients.  To find out more about Tephra’s Temperature Screening and how we can help you to protect your staff and visitors contact us today.