Lava Group launches new TEPHRA brand


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Lava Group launches new TEPHRA brand 2 March 2020

The Lava Group has today launched a new security brand – TEPHRA - ahead of exhibiting at this year’s ‘Security and Policing’ event in Farnborough.

As part of the company’s ongoing development and the expansion of its product portfolio the Lava Group wanted a brand identity to best reflect what they are offering, what they believe in and what makes them unique.

Over the past few months the company has worked alongside Belfast based design company JourneyFor to come up with a new security brand that is fresh, modern and professional.

The name TEPHRA comes from “the particles or blocks of matter that dynamically launch from a volcano” which the Lava Group interprets as representing the powerful impact its products have within this setting.

TEPHRA is a dynamic suite of products that harness bespoke technology and specialist knowledge to to meet the challenges of high security environments.

The new brand uses a fresh, vibrant colour palette and strong representational imagery to help build upon the industry wide recognition the Lava Group has achieved over the last 20 years.

The rebrand will soon be seen across marketing material including brochures and roller banners. Over the coming months this will be extended to include a sector specific website.

Company CEO, Gareth Morrison, said:

“We identified that now is the perfect time to modernise and refresh our security brand.  We wanted a security brand to fully reflect our growing range of leading security products and at a time when we are expanding into new export markets. Our commitment to providing excellent service for our customers will not change and we know there is incredible potential for growth.  Our new branding positions us for those opportunities.

“We go beyond solely delivering security solutions, designing technology to improve lives within prisons. TEPHRA’s Behavioural Analysis utilises non-intrusive, sensor-based technology to identify, manage and predict agitation in prisoners. Our on demand smart-glass solution, ‘Smart Hatch’ enhances the safety and privacy of those living and working in a custodial environment.  It can be retrofitted to observation hatches or installed as part of a new build.

“During ‘Security and Policing’ exhibition we will be launching several new and exciting products to build on this range.”

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