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Lava Values 27 January 2016

Lava pride ourselves as technology innovators who employ highly skilled staff to help meet the needs of their customers.

We have spent some time recently formulating our company values and with much thought, we have cemented our main focus; THRIVE.

Teamwork – Working together and using our individual skills and expertise enables us to achieve the best outcomes for our customers and for the company.  Our people are individually brilliant and collaborate with each other to be even better.

Honesty – Throughout everything we do we are honourable in our principles, intentions and actions.  We are honest with our customers and with each other.  It is only with our integrity that we can work successfully as a team and earn the trust of our customers.

Relationships – These are what define us at Lava.  Our customers, partners, suppliers and employees.  Without these we have no business.  We listen to them, we work closely with them, we respect them and we never take them for granted.

Innovation – We are constantly investing in R&D to find new ideas, methods and solutions.  We pride ourselves on solving problems where others have failed.  Our company philosophy is based around our focus on innovation. “Fluid thinking, rock solid results”

Vibrant – We enjoy what we do and we love working with people who are energetic and who share our enthusiasm for life.  We work hard but we enjoy ourselves.  In our opinion the best people are those who can be the same people at work as they are at home.

Excellence – The reputation of our company is based on the quality of our products and our customer service.  We are constantly striving to exceed expectations with everything we do.  Excellence is the standard that we seek to achieve for every time.

We will be running monthly events based around each value over the next 6 months. To stay up to date with our activities, follow us on twitter @lforlava