Lava Group Increases Employee Numbers by 50% in 2015


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Lava Group Increases Employee Numbers by 50% in 2015 16 December 2015

Belfast-based technology company The Lava Group has today announced that it has expanded its team by 50 per cent in 2015, with employee numbers rising from 13 to 20 since January.

The company, which develops biometric solutions for the high security and health sectors, has experienced a significant increase in existing business this year while also benefitting from a targeted strategy which has seen diversification into new markets and industries.

The Lava Group won its largest ever contract to provide access control solutions for a new prison currently being constructed in Cork. The contract, worth over £500,000, will see the company installing Lock Controllers throughout the prison, enabling a one platform system to control access.

The prison is due to be completed by the end of 2015 and will represent an investment of approximately €40m by the Irish Prison Service. The flagship project will feature some of the most modern security solutions available in the 168 cell build.

Last month Lava Monitoring, a new company set up by The Lava Group, started a trial of an innovative new lifebuoy monitoring system in Carrickfergus Harbour. The product, which is called Sentry, has been designed to combat the risks associated with vandals stealing and damaging equipment from waterfronts.

Gareth Morrison, CEO of The Lava Group, said: “This year we have recruited for several new positions including software developers, installation engineers, electronic engineers and an operations manager. The Cork contract was a major win for the company and helped to spur on our growth plans for the year. It cemented our reputation within the high security market and demonstrated our ongoing commitment to innovation.

“We are competing against large scale global companies to find the talent for these positions and it can be difficult as the expectations of our applicants are constantly changing. As a small company we feel that we have a unique package to offer and we work very hard to provide our staff with the career development opportunities they are looking for. Part of our strategy is to bring in graduates and students on placements so that they can develop and learn using our technologies in-house.”

Mr Morrison said that in 2016 The Lava Group would be implementing a new export strategy, building on relationships it has already developed in Australia and Canada.

“We have two new products in the pipeline and we are looking forward to their launch,” he said. “We anticipate that further recruitment will be required in order to allow us to continue to grow at the same rate and we look forward to building on our list of partnerships to begin more collaborative projects around the world.”