Internet of Things

Monitor your devices 24/7, 365 days of the year.

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Our passion for providing innovative technology, combined with our substantial experience in security has given us an insight into the world of electronic monitoring.  We utilise telemetry to allow the monitoring and control of everyday objects remotely. 

Our Internet of Things (IoT) offerings are built on a scalable and secure platform.  Data is transferred over wide-area wireless comms systems using cellular technology. 

We offer an IoT service that:

Continuously provides remote device monitoring.

Generates real time alerts and notifications on unusual activities.

Creates intelligent data to improve decision making, drive efficiency and increase safety.

Provides easy access to information from a PC, laptop or mobile device.

Technologies Offered

Sentry Lifebuoy Monitoring

Sentry Lifebuoy Monitoring is an award winning device that provides real-time monitoring of the presence of lifebuoys and water rescue devices within their housing.  To prevent the misuse, an alarm is triggered when a lifebuoy or associated equipment are removed from their housing. Thereby helping reduce loss of life due to a stolen / absent water rescue aid.

Sentry Marine Monitoring

Sentry Marine Monitoring is an intelligent sensor based solution tailored to meet the remote monitoring and control of a range of devices within ports, harbours and marinas.  Equipped to monitor analogue and digital equipment regardless of brand, it provides critical data to increase the safety and efficiency of marine environments.

Bespoke IoT Solutions

IoT is already having a significant impact on our professional and personal lives. The introduction of intelligent, low-power and low-cost wireless connectivity technologies, are helping to forge new applications and service assurances.

From smart buildings to transportation, the possibilities are endless.  But rarely does one solution fit all needs.

Al Lava we work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their problems, and using our extensive experience develop high-quality, cost-competitive smart solutions.

If you have an unusual challenge requiring a smart solution, why not contact us.