Developing solutions in the increasingly important area of connected health

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The experience we have gained in the custodial sector, where inmate care and accountability are paramount, is helping us develop solutions in the increasingly important area of connected health.

The ability to monitor vital signs, and provide this information to healthcare professionals remotely, is crucial to improved patient care.

The Lava Group is committed to the development of products to help patients and their families ensure they receive the quality of care they are entitled to.

Healthcare facilities, too, will benefit from the increase in information they have about their patients, provided in real-time, 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.

This information, analysed by our systems based on criteria selected by the doctors, will ensure patients receive the best possible care.

A further benefit of the audit records produced by our systems is that our customers will have access to patient information if something goes wrong, providing vital evidence in support of the caregiver.

Technologies Offered

Right Patient

As data exchange increases among providers, patient data matching errors and mismatches will become exponentially more dangerous and costly. 

RightPatient® solves the patient identification challenge by acquiring and using the photo and unique biometric information of patients to accurately identify them during each encounter.

Home Monitoring

Given a choice, most elderly people prefer to stay in their own home rather than move to a care facility.

Based on our vast experience in the custodial market, we can offer a range of ambient monitoring solutions to provide non-intrusive indicators that all is well for the elderly patient living alone.

Vital Signs Monitoring

New developments in wearable technology mean that a growing number of vital signs can be monitored remotely, and this can improve patients' care - and their quality of life.

We are researching a number of areas where we can leverage our experience in the custody arena to add value this sector.

New Technology Developers

If you are working on a new product with applications in connected health, why not speak to us.

We can offer the software and hardware support to bring your product to life, and the commercial experience to bring your product to the market.