How technology can give prisoners the opportunities to change?

24 September 2020

The prison system is currently under sustained and serious pressure from security threats and rising levels of violence and self-harm. Many have advocated the need to focus on investing in services to reduce the £15 billion annual cost of reoffending and preventing offenders from continually returning to prison. The recent analysis of the ‘Ten Prisons Project’ saw a reduction in violence within seven of the ten prison sites; but it takes more than just physical barriers to create a safe and secure environment for staff and prisoners. A different approach is required, which calls for a huge cultural and structural change. ...

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How can we support Prison officers?

6 August 2020

The role of a prison officer can be enormously rewarding and enjoyable. But the growing rise in violent incidents has seen many officers leave the job at increasing rates, and with many of those staying feeling the impact of workplace stress on their mental health. So what can be done to support officers in this very challenging and unpredictable environment? ...

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