Five things that the Internet of Things will monitor for us in the future


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Five things that the Internet of Things will monitor for us in the future 20 September 2016

Right now, developments in LoRa technology are fuelling a series of new advances which will help us to monitor, track and act on data in a new way.

Low powered monitoring chips are making human interference with devices less necessary, sparking the imagination of product developers.

So what is going to be ‘shaken up’ in the future?



Several UV sensors have been created which can detect the strength of the sun’s rays and offer warnings and advice to prevent people from burning. The long term benefits of this technology could see a reduction in skin conditions and cancer.



IoT start up Pycom is developing MyShake, a free app for Android phones that has the ability to recognise earthquake shaking using the sensors in every smartphone. It is hoped that the results will help to reduce the impact of earthquakes.



The Internet of Things (IoT) is extending into driverless vehicles as the two emerging technologies combine.  As driverless vehicles become more popular, so too will driverless delivery vehicles.  While early indications are that a human may be required on board to ensure the safety of the cargo, IoT devices could monitor the condition of goods in transit and send status reports.



Environmentally friendly golf courses could soon have the ability to use less water by monitoring and watering only dry patches of grass.  A well-calibrated array of sensors could change how courses are managed, significantly reducing human interference and water consumption.



Adaptive street lights and warning signs are also under development using IoT technology.  Sensors that detect weather conditions, traffic and flooding could automatically display digital warnings to drivers or adjust street lights to improve safety on the roads.


The Lava Group’s Sentry monitoring system is already saving lives using the Internet of Things to monitor lifebuoys on shorelines and boats.  Our technology automatically detects when a life ring is missing, allowing authorities to take immediate action. For more information on Sentry visit: