Three healthcare industries sprouting from the Internet of Things


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Three healthcare industries sprouting from the Internet of Things 24 October 2016

Many people still don’t realise that technology is playing a vital role in our healthcare.

In fact, in a recent local survey by The Lava Group, 31% of respondents said they didn’t know that technology was used at all in Northern Ireland.

The healthcare industry was actually one of the earliest to embrace the potential that the Internet of Things has to offer and it is already making a big difference to lives all over the world.

A report from last year predicted that the healthcare Internet of Things market segment is poised to hit $117 billion by 2020. 

Here is a snapshot of how it is currently being used to improve services: 


Clinical efficiency

While a lot of the future of healthcare is focused on making time and money savings, it also seeks to put the patient more in control.

Augmendix is a product which will simplify how clinicians work with hands free charting, allowing them to provide a human centred approach. It enables smartglass wearables like Google Glass to be used for documenting conversations.


Infant monitors

The new era of digital parenting has spawned the creation of hundreds of devices to take the hassle and worry out of the early phases of childhood.

For example Sproutling has recently joined Mattel to sell baby wearables which provide insights into their sleep patterns, heart rate, movements, and learning habits.  


Medication warnings

Only half of patients properly understand how to take their medication. To address this a company in Israel called Telesofia, made up of doctors and techies, have designed a way to push videos through to any device giving simple instructions in an easy to understand way.


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