Health tech that will help you live, eat and sleep better


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Health tech that will help you live, eat and sleep better 23 November 2016

They may be the gadgets of the moment but can health technology really make a difference to our lives?

Will a diet app keep your eating on track and can a FitBit help you to reach your fitness goals?

A recent study by the American Heart Association found that weight loss, exercise and quitting smoking are three areas which are most likely to improve with the recent developments in health technology.

So here are a few of our favourite devices to help you live, eat and sleep better.


Due to go on sale later this year, TellSpec’s biotech food sensor will be able to analyse the ingredients of your meal at a molecular level. The findings will then be sent to a smart phone and are designed to help people with allergies or those on strict diets.

The technology has a three-part system: a pocket-sized spectrometer, a cloud-based patented analysis engine, and a mobile app that work together to scan foods, identify calories, macronutrients and allergens.

Emfit QS

Emfit QS is a non-contact sleep monitoring system which is installed under your mattress. Designed to improve athletic performance, it quantifies overnight data – including physical recovery, stress levels and sleep quality – and connects to a web app to display the results. It costs approximately $275 and is available to purchase here.

Withings Body Cardio

Withings prides itself on inventing products that give consumers the knowledge they need to live happier and healthier lives. Their latest innovation, Body Cardio, is designed to allow everyone to keep tabs on their own cardiovascular health and be empowered to take action to improve it.

The user steps on to a set of scales which detect your position and provide a picture of overall cardiovascular health with heart rate, weight, BMI, body fat and water percentage. Automatic WiFi or Bluetooth synchronisation takes the results straight to your phone.


The Kito+ looks like an average phone cover, however it actually doubles as a medical monitoring device. By putting your fingers on the case for several minutes the device can tell you your blood oxygen levels, heart rate and respiration rate. It encourages you to ‘give your feelings some facts to stand on’ to allow you to manage your own health. It can be yours for just £99.00.


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