Bumper digital plan set to revolutionise NHS


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Bumper digital plan set to revolutionise NHS 5 May 2016

He may not be on everyone’s Christmas card list at the moment, but Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has secured a spot on ours following the launch of his £4.2billion NHS digital plan.

Mr Hunt’s online proposals include further innovation in health care apps, a new website, wi-fi in all NHS buildings and, perhaps most importantly, a significant allocation of £1billion to increase cyber security.

This tech investment will be spent over the coming five years and it has been targeted at areas which Mr Hunt feels will help to provide a simpler and faster service for patients and doctors.

Our CEO Gareth Morrison has plenty to say on the proposals: “Transforming our health service using digital solutions will deliver a more efficient and cost effective system which will have benefits for all. The government is developing a click and collect service for prescriptions and under the new plans everyone will have access to their own electronic health record. It is particularly important that this plan is underpinned with further investment in cyber security to provide all users with increased confidence in its safety.”

“By 2020, it is hoped that 25% of all patients with long term conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and cancer will be able to monitor their health remotely. Digital technologies can empower patients and carers by giving them more control over their own health, however if you look at the solutions available at the moment they are a bit like islands without an ark. So much data is being created on a daily basis but there is no link to bring all of this information together to make sure that appropriate actions are prescribed and delivered upon. This plan will review the voids in medical history so that patients won’t have to repeat their medical history every time they arrive in a waiting room.

“There is already a lot of activity taking place in the connected health sector locally, with universities, health trusts, private companies and the Northern Ireland Science Park coming together for R&D projects. The Connected Health Innovation Centre (CHIC) in particular is playing a key role in facilitating collaboration and innovation between home-grown companies.”

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