How biometric technology is driving the health sector forwards


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How biometric technology is driving the health sector forwards 9 June 2016

With the health service working towards a paperless future and making the switch to electronic health records, the temptation and the targets for hackers are growing.

Last year Anthem, the second largest health insurer in the US, suffered one of the biggest hacks to the industry to date. Up to 80 million current and former customers feared that their names, social security numbers, e-mail addresses, birthdays, street addresses, member IDs, and employment information (including salaries) may have been compromised.

This is where biometric technology is providing a much needed solution and an extra layer of security for the sector. Companies, including our team at the Lava Group, are working to remove the incentives for hackers, making the registration process more efficient and patient information harder to steal.

Medical companies are now adopting various systems which use data from patient’s fingerprints, face, veins and eyes to create a unique record.

According to a research report titled ‘Global Multimodal Biometrics Market 2016-2020’, in 2015, the global multimodal biometrics market by iris recognition was valued at USD 390.6 million.

This type of system is popular for several reasons and it is widely viewed as the most accurate of biometric solutions. Each iris has a detailed and unique texture which doesn’t change over time. The technology is non-intrusive and contactless.

When it comes to the patient registration process, biometric technology is making it easier to identify unconscious or delusional patients, ensuring that their next of kin are contacted within a timely fashion.

In the coming years it is likely that we will see biometrics feature on mobile devices for electronic prescribing, treatment and billing.

The speed at which biometric technology is adopted by the sector will come down to each individual health trust but we believe the demand is out there.

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