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Tech solutions changing healthcare 7 July 2016

Technology is changing the future of the health system and some of the latest inventions have the potential to bring big benefits for generations to come.

From the weird to the wonderful, here are some of the most exciting in the pipeline at the moment.


The Brain Preservation Foundation (BPF) has launched the Brain Preservation Technology Prize, worth $106,000. The BPF’s aim is that soon, people all over the world will have access to a way to preserve their brain, including memories and identities, after death.

With two techniques already being tested, cryonics and chemopreservation, it doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility.

Scanning technologies are also on the long-term horizon, including a molecular-scale MRI which can image individual cell proteins. This may provide the ability to non-destructively scan brains and upload the molecular features of memory and identity.


A health technology and data company, Intent Solutions, has recently used biometrics and cloud technology to create a device called TAD or ‘Take as Directed’.

Using finger print recognition and Bluetooth technology the idea deters overdoses by dispensing a disposable vial filled with medication. It is pre-programmed with the intended timetable and biometrics data.


A company called NXT Health is set to revolutionise how patient rooms will look in the future, by designing the architecture, products, technology and medical processes in unison. The integration of these key components could streamline the delivery of care and even improve patient outcomes.

The potential of this design has been recognised with numerous awards however it is likely to be 2020 before the first Patient Room is installed according to David Ruthven, co-lead and creative director at NXT Health.

The features will include a Patient Ribbon, which allows patients to control electrical, gas, lighting and audio systems from the bedside, a care giver hub and work area and an adaptable bathroom which allows access depending on care givers needed.


We are looking forward to changing your hospital experience in Northern Ireland. Our partnership with RightPatient® in Georgia, USA, is set to bring a new product to our medical centres which will increase patient safety and reduce cases of misidentification in hospitals.

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