The technology bringing more patients home for healthcare


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The technology bringing more patients home for healthcare 6 December 2016

I don’t know about you, but we have never really wanted to spend too much time in hospital. In fact, there is always a countdown to get back to our home comforts and away from a medical environment.

We believe in the power of technology and we know that recent monitoring innovations will not only save our healthcare industry money but they will also help bring patients out of hospital and back to their homes a little quicker.

Applications have been developed for smartphones which are providing feedback on low-level health indicators – meaning that you can run your own tests at home and doctors can spend their time with people who really need one-to-one care. 

So what technology is leading the way at the moment?


Telehealth monitoring

Telehealth has been around for a while now, but its value cannot be underestimated. Patients who require a comprehensive support system can be monitored remotely by medical professionals, dialling in their results on a daily or weekly basis.Healthcare staff can then make decisions on whether to administer remote advice over the phone or to admit the patient to hospital without the need for round the clock hospital care.


Health education and motivation

When facing health challenges such as obesity or substance abuse, healthcare professionals can now educate their patients via mobile apps that provide regular updates and coaching to keep the patient on track toward their health goals. The need for intervention is predicted by an algorithm based on the data collected by the app.


Blood monitoring

It used to be that people living with diabetes would have to travel frequently to have their glucose levels tested however new technology is allowing users to automatically monitor and track readings via wireless transmission.  Data can be stored and monitored over time providing patients and medical teams with long term readings that can reduce the need for hospital admissions.


Online doctors

An online Harris Poll survey in 2015 found that 65 per cent of patients would welcome virtual GP visits via video call.  The technology to make this a reality already exists today, however it is more synonymous with private care rather than the NHS. It is likely that we will see this becoming more mainstream in the future and in the meantime the Push Doctor app is among those offering paid-for services by providing speedy diagnosis and advice via video link.


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